How to fix broken makeup

How to fix broken makeup

Makeups are mostly believed to change one’s appearance. However, makeups are known for various reasons, such as adding fragrance, taking care of the body and the skin. Generally, makeups are a classification of beauty and health products believed to change a person’s appearance and take care of the body.

Makeups have gained popularity from the creative self-identity and self-expression aspect. Nonetheless, makeups are constituted from chemical compounds mixture either synthetically created or from natural resources. Makeups are frequently used to enhance one’s natural features and screen blemishes.

Types of makeups

There is a variety of makeups that are used for different purposes. However, all makeups are usually supposed to be applied externally. They contain color pigment to alter an individual’s appearance. This product can be applied on the face and to the whole body in general.


It is a liquid or cream product applied to the face to create an even base in the skin ton. It provides a considerable amount of coverage on the skin.


It is produced in the form of liquid, pencil, or gel. It is used to elongate the outward size of the eye. Additionally, eyeliners are produced in different colors such as blue, white, and brown.

Eye shadow

It is a pigment used to draw and change the area around the eyes, the space between the eye and on the eyelid. Eye shadows are considerably applied by an eye shadow brush with rounded, small bristles. The liquid and cream form can be applied using fingers. Advantageously, eye shadows are produced in many colors, which can be combined and blended together to create a different effect.


Mascara is a thick cream consistency product, which is applied with a spiral bristle mascara brush. It is intended to darken, thicken and lengthen the eyelashes. It is, however, known to be waterproof and produced in different colors.

Face powder

Face powder is used to keep the makeup from melting off and absorbing into the skin. The powder sets a foundation giving a consistent finish at the same time. Foundation can be prepared using the face powder for it to last longer on the face.

Lip products

They eventually add texture and color to the lips. They are also essential in maintaining the lip edge and keeping the lips moist. The lip products include lip gloss, lipstick, lip balms, and lip liners. They, however, come in different colors and are directly applied to the lip using a brush or fingers.

Makeups can break up from falling; hence need to be fixed as discussed below.

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Fixing broken eye shadow

1. Press your pigments

Crush the broken makeup until it becomes a fine powder. Afterward, use a makeup wipes to press it on the broken powder. The moisture from the wipes is essential in helping the loose powder into its original shape. Toss the wipeout and leave the compact to dry out once the powder is pressed flat.

2. Use of alcohol

A clean, sharp object is used to break up the powder to its fin texture. Then, the rubbing alcohol is added to the powder for the purpose of bonding the powder. The alcohol evaporates with time, and the powder remains pressed together. However, alcohol is preferred as it has a high evaporation rate.

3. Use of saline

Saline drops are added to the broken eye shadow and mixed. The saline solution is essential in restoring the moisture without altering the color and causing it’s wearing out. However, it is important to monitor the sight and smell of the product.

4. Use of water

Broken eye shadow pieces are collected and piled in a dish. Then a spoon is used for crushing it until fine particles are attained, and all lamps are gone. Add small amounts of water to the fine particles till it is enough. Blend the powder with water till it turns into a thick paste. Scoop the pasta and return it back into the compact. Once the pasta is done, place a plastic wrap over it and press it firmly to smoothen it. The top and sides of the compact are wiped with cotton to remove any remaining residue. The residue is later left open for some hours to dry up.

Fixing broken lipstick

Hold a lighter under the top of the broken piece for some seconds. This works best for halfway broken lipsticks. Then place the piece on top of the base and gently push it down. The light is moved around it to seal the separate edges. The broken lipstick is later left in the fridge to harden up.

The lipstick’s broken pieces are collected, and the leftovers in the tube are removed. The broken lipstick is later placed in a different container and smashed. The smashed lipstick is kept in a microwave to melt so as to smoothly occupy the container. The melted lipstick is later left in the fridge to cool and hold up together.

Fixing broken gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliners often break up after drying up. If the gel eyeliner appears to be drier, it is placed in the microwave to soften it up, making it easier to mix. It can also be fixed by poking holes using a toothpick where saline drops are later dropped in the holes. The saline keeps the gel eyeliner moist.

When to do away with broken makeup

Makeup products get to a point where they can no longer be fixed. However, it can be safer to do away with the broken makeup. In the case where a foundation bottle glass happens to break, immediate disposal should occur because the foundation could contain invisible, tiny glassy particles, which could lead to injuries and tear on the skin.

Expiry dates are also essential in helping keep watch on the makeup. However, expired makeups tend to change color and smell. Therefore, expired makeups are supposed to be tossed off as they may contain bacteria that are harmful to the skin.

How to prevent makeup from falling off

  • Choose a premier that works for your skin type
  • Rethink your foundation application
  • Use liquids to your advantage
  • Get blotting powders in bulk
  • Swap your eye makeup for waterproof formulas

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