How to fix broken eyeshadow

How to fix broken eyeshadow

Broken eye shadow is such a heart-dropping moment for makeup lovers. You are considering makeup costs as much as it does. But it is not the end of the world, and you should not worry anymore. I will show you how to fix any broken eye shadow palette with everything you need readily available in your bathroom. That means you will be able to fix your makeup and restore it to its prior state, and so you will not have to shell out more money to replace it. Here is a step-to-step guide on how to fix your broken eye shadow.

Here is what you need to fix a broken eyeshadow

With rubbing alcohol, a spoon, toothpick, a coin, a small Tupperware container, a cotton swab, and a piece of paper towel or fabric, you can be able to repress the palette back together. Once you are through, you will never know that it broke!

Step by step guide on how to fix a broken eyeshadow

Step 1

First, you have to dump all the shuttered pieces of your palette into a container. How you should fix the broken powders depends on the extent of the breakage. If it is just a crack, then it could be fixed in the packaging. But you should ensure that the powder is not bleeding into the other colors in the palette. Just use a brush to smudge the shadow in making sure it is pressed nicely into the packaging. If the shadow is completely crumbled, then I advise you to break it even further in a container. Break it and pour the powder into the container and use it as a loose powder.

Step 2

Second, break up the crumbled pieces. You can use a toothpick, spoon or a pencil. A toothpick is a good tool for this, especially if you fix the broken eye shadow in the palette. The finer the product, the better the chances of the eye shadow coming back into life. In the container, you can use a spoon.

Step 3

Use a dropper or a sprayer to apply alcohol on the eyeshadow dust. If you used a container, then make sure you put the particles in the package first. You must be cautious to not make the eyeshadow wet with pools but let it be damp. It should not liquefy completely. Rather, it should be wet. Let it be all together until it has the consistency of peanut butter. If you have added much alcohol, don’t worry. It will dry with time.

Scrape all the liquid pack into the palette. Make sure you tap the palette to all land smoothly and remove the air bubbles formed.

Alcohol is used since it can rebind the powder beside it being extremely pure where it cannot change the makeup that much. It is also preferred since it has a high evaporation rate. The rate makes it dry and so making the makeup easily usable quickly. Plain old rubbing alcohol should do the trick, but some people also say vodka does work well.

Step 4

Smooth the eye shadow out by hand or with a flat tool. A flat tool, maybe a spoon or a coin of proper diameter. The coin should be wrapped up into a dry a clean fabric. Here a spoon can work well depending on the size of the palette.

You can also either leave the paper towel or fabric on top of the product. After placing the paper of towel or fabric on top of the product, you can take a flat surface and cover the product’s entirety. It can either be a book or any other flat surface. The flat surface on top of the fabric should be pressed gently. With that, it presses down back into the palette. This process is advantageous as it also helps in sopping up the remaining alcohol.

Step 5

Leave it for thirty seconds as it dries up fast. Having little patience and some pressure will make your pressed powders well pressed. Feel free to go back and repress the shadow so that you can get it even. You can clean up any eye shadow that s in a mess with some additional rubbing alcohol or cotton swab.

Wait for about a day, and the powder will be completely dried up. Congratulations, you now have your eye shadow back. It will be like you have never destroyed it before. Your eye shadow is as good as a new one. There is no reduction in the eye shadow quality. It looks gorgeous.

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Is the fixed eye shadow as good as a new one?

Of course, yes. The method will not ruin the product even on drying out. The method has been tried on several types of eye shadows like shimmer, satin, matte, and even glitter, and it has shown success. The alcohol will eventually dry out, and within five minutes, you are all left with an unbroken product. The consistency and pigmentation are the same as it was before it broke.

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The only difference is that the alcohol method will affect how the product will dispense onto your face. But considering the cost of throwing the product and fixing it, it is better to fix it. There is no long-term difference comparing the product as it was before breaking. But don’t try this on cream or oil-based products. It will suffer tremendously on consistency issues and so don’t do that.

Final Thoughts

What if you detest using alcohol to using alcohol for your eyeshadow makeup? Without alcohol, you can still be able to repair smashed eyeshadow. One way you can do this is by just pressing down the broken eyeshadow particles with your makeup wipe! You have to hold down pressure for about 5-10 seconds, then you are ready to slay again your eyebrow shadow is ready. This is a great fix for your broken and cracked eyeshadows.

Furthermore, setting spray can also work on fixing broken eyeshadow. All you have to do is follow the previous steps and spray the powder with any setting spray. Press it down until smooth. You will notice the eyeshadow is as smooth as a new one.

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